Cornerstone services

Our dedicated care staff undergo continuous training and professional development to maintain high standards of service. All new employees receive comprehensive training as part of our induction program, and their ongoing training needs are regularly reviewed. Our staff are carefully selected, vetted,and matched to ensure they meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our Support Services Include:

• Preparing fresh, nutritious meals.
• Offering a dynamic and engaging activities program.
• Providing communal spaces for dining and relaxation with restrictions.
• Ensuring 24-hour staff availability.
• Facilitating regular access to various healthcare professionals.


The following provide more details on our services and operational methods. Our friendly staff are always available to assist you, whether it’s discussing your care needs or answering any questions about our services. Feel free to get in touch using the contact details provided below.

Mental Health Support

At Cornerstone Care Services, we recognize the importance of providing the right support for mental health challenges. We offer a range of services to support individuals with mood disorders, anxiety, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders, and depression. Our approach is focused on empowering individuals through personal development and fostering independence.

Learning Disability Services

We believe in recognizing and nurturing each individual’s abilities and strengths. Our support plans are tailored to help individuals with learning disabilities communicate effectively, make decisions, and achieve greater independence. We cater to a wide range of needs, from those requiring minimal assistance to those needing comprehensive support for daily tasks.

Profound and Multiple Learning Disability (PMLD)

For those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, we offer specialized care that addresses complex health and social care needs. Our services are designed to support individuals with severe difficulties in communication, mobility, and other areas of life, ensuring they receive the care and attention they require.